DNA Testers Wanted

Lindsey DNA 10 needs help in breaking past brick walls and confirming DNA lines.

To do this we need more Lindsey cousins to test and transfer to testing sites that have a chromosome browser, like FTDNA, My Heritage, & Gedmatch. The more Lindsey cousins we have tested and can compare with a chromosome browser, the easier it becomes in creating DNA profile for our ancestors and making sure 

We  have over 150 confirmed cousins but access to less than 30, with most of the results on ancestry, which does not have a chromosome browser, it has been difficult to compare cousins, and  a chromosome browser allows two people to see what DNA they share and where on the chromosome it is shared.

This is has been most recently beneficial by allowing us to find and connect with several members that descend from Elizabeth Lindsey, who is the daughter of our first American ancestor Dennis Lindsey, who married Ephraim Clanton. We have 3 testers that are of the oldest generation, they had enough DNA mutually , that I was able to triangulate and confirm that we are connected to correct  Lindsey/Clanton line.

We benefit in genealogy research when we have testers that are the closest to the ancestor that we are researching. One way around this, is having multiple people take a test, since tester from that generation are limited.

*Triangulation is looking at DNA match on where they match on the chromosome, and then finding other members of our tree that are confirmed descendants If Person A & B Share 2xGreat Grandparents and can be proven, and person C matches at the same spot, and they are unconfirmed but believed to be from a shared 4xGreat Grandparents, then you know that all three people shared a common ancestor beyond the 2xGreat Grandparents, and the more people you confirm, the more you can pin point the ancstor. I will upload a picture for visual represenation as I know that is always easier for me to follow along with.

If you stumble accorss this site and have tested at ancestry, pelease consider uploading to FTDNA, My Heritage, or Gedmatch. Ancestry is the only testing company that does not allow it's customer to see where you match on the chromosome, so it is near impossible to triangulate with acnestry matches.