Betty Jo Dyar nee Burcham is the Great Granddaughter of Modine Ann Lindsey, daughter of Robert D Lindsey. I met Betty when I was visiting the Franklin Alabama area, and she volunteers at the local library bear Franklin, once a week. Betty helps people with genealogy and is a wealth of knowledge. When I stopped by, they told me she only comes in once a week and I was leaving town before that date, they were nice enough to connect me with her, she was nice kind enough to come in on her off day.. As we started talking about who I was looking for we discovered that we shared a common ancestor, I pulled up my ancestry app and there she was. Betty and I got to chat for a couple hours and Betty was gracious enough to share several pictures that we did not have in our tree, from the Lindsey, Williams, & Dotson. I hope to make my way back out there later this year to hear more stories and copy some more photos.



Last year while I was doing some family research near the Anson area where my 2X Great Grandfather lived, I reached out the my great uncle Richard Lindsey, I had never met any of my grandfathers brother, so I thought it would be a perfect oppurtunity to meet him and learn more about our family. My grandfather grew up in the Lubbock/Anson area with his two brothers, unfortunately I never got to meet Sherrel, G.B. other brother, but I was lucky to connect with Richard and his daughter Cindy in Dallas and learn more about my grandfather, his siblings and parents.

I stayed with Richard & Cindy for a couple days and we go to talk about my growing up in the 40's & 50's and the stories that seem to get lost in time. Richard was able to share several stories about my great grandfather and grandmother Chester & Lula, how great of cook she was, and always taking care of her boys, and how Chester was a man with a unique back ground, had several jobs and was a hustler by nature, always looking to move ahead in life.

We usually wait too long before we get the appreciation or ask our relatives about the stories of our family and I am glad I got to connect with Richard & Cindy.