Mrs. Amos L. Lindsey


     Just after the sun had risen on the morning of October 13 (15?), 1924, the sweet gentle spirit of Mrs. A. L. Lindsey returned unto God who gave it.  "Twas fitting that the dawn of a beautiful day she should enter the City of Gold and be with Him who is 'the resurrection and life' ".  Miss Bennett was born in Iwaka, Miss. March 23, 1858.  She was married to C.A. (Charlie) Ricks Jan. 13, 1876. To this union were born three children. Only one survives (Henry Arthur Ricks). 

     She was converted and joined the Methodist Church in early life. Her faith in the word of God, the teachings of the Christian religion, the life everlasting, was bright as the noon-day sun.  To talk with her was indeed communion with a real saint.  She and her husband made their home an ideal one.  Their devotion to each other and to their children and all who came into the circle by marriage were all "Mother and Daddy" Lindsey to them. She was not selfish for she was a true wife, friend and neighbor.  It is not too much to say that she was loved by all who knew her.  Her life was like a benediction to all who came in contact with her during the long period of suffering which she endured so patiently. She was tenderly cared for by her husband, children and in-laws.  All were around her bed as the death angel called her away. 

     The passing of such a life, like the passing of a star, leaves behind its trail of glory that illuminates the darkness and shows us the way.

     Her frail body was tenderly laid to rest in Mount Hope Cemetery under a mound of beautiful flowers.

     May her children have faith in their Mother's God and travel with their faces toward "The Father's House".

                                                                                                                               A Friend