Welcome to our genealogy site for Lindseys who are in group 10 in the international Clan Lindsay/Lindsey DNA Surname Project. Most of us have traced our lineage back to Dennis Linchey/Lindsey, a young indentured servant who arrived in Richmond Co., Virginia, from Ireland in April 1718, who appears to have been born about 1700.

Please consider this site your site, too, and help us build our shared family tree, fill in missing pieces of information, and add photos, stories, or documents that will bring our genealogy to life. Since photos and documents are so often lost over time, you will be doing your own family and other branches of our family a great service by preserving these items if you share them here. What you share will help your children and grandchildren to know and celebrate their family history for years down the road.

Many people have contributed to compiling the information preserved here, including Dr. William Dennis Lindsey, moderator of group 10 in the Lindsay/Lindsey DNA study.

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Dr. William Lindsey Family Blog

Begats and Bequeathals — A Southern U.S. Family Documented, has several posts on our Lindsey ancestors, and I will be adding more material about the Lindsey family.

Pictures of Mark W. Lindsey Descendants

James Henry Lindsey
Stella Balch
Feature Photo
Curtis Oneal and Geraldine James Lindsey
Billy Byrd
Chester Myers
Early Ray Lindsey
Robert Clarence Waldrep
James Arthur Malone
James Arthur Malone
Clerinda Clindy, Annie Martha & Maudie Pearl, Evie Rosalee.
Robert Paul Lindsey
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Pictures of Dennis Lindsey Descendants